WinwithBP Game of Skill

The promotion closed on January 1, 1970, 10:00 am

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Win With BP Ultimate Adventure Competition, and congratulations to the following who have been judged provisional winners.

$1000 Prize Winner

E. Varikos

$500 Prize Winners

G. Georgiou

A. Lam

C. Wutzke

P. Cother

S. McNicol

$100 Prize Winners

N. Steltman

S. Hyde

J. McPherson

H. Desta

T. Kelly

T. Jennings

S. Ferguson

B. Peters

C. Terri

M. Revere

$50 Prize Winners

N. Lynch

H. Waterfall

C. Down


M. Davidson

L. Dessilas

S. Cowden

S. Toaldo

H. Reilly

H. Groth

C. LaBudde

P. Tabone

K. Hanson

R. Deger

A. Bond

J. Joske

S. Jones

A. Brett

C. Wooding

B. Purcell